2012 Hyindai Elantra coupe

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The Elantra is one of the best looking compact sedan on the market.
And it already seems very popular too. They seem to be everywhere.

The upcoming coupe might be another nail in the 2012 Civic coffin.
The new Civic hasn’t been getting great reviews so far.
That’s on top of the fact that the new designs looks even older than the previous generation, and the interior feels much cheaper than before.

These spy pics do look a bit different than the one i posted a while ago, so we’ll have to see what the real thing looks like when it comes out…

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  1. While I think Honda could have done more to the 'new' gen Civic – I have seen a real 4 door in my neighbourhood -and it looks better then in pictures; much better.

    I haven't seen the interior (windows were blacked out) – however the exterior is nicer then the previous gen – which I liked.

    This said, I think the Focus and the Elantra are better looking cars…Focus likely better handling (have heard mixed reviews on the Elantra handling).

    I think given the options w/ the Civic (NEW Hybridy system, coupe, SFE option, etc) – Honda will be fine for sales…Mazda 3 might suffer though. I think the Forte will get hurt as well.

  2. I don't think the Civic will be quite the winner. It always had style, MPG's, and build quality going for it, but not anymore. Mazda 3 (2012 Sky-G engines) and the new Focus are going to take bites out of the dull Civic. Add onto that the terrible dull paint colors of the Civic… people just arent going to jump on 'em like before. Civic isn't even sold in Japan anymore. What's Honda's problem anyway…?

  3. I have driven the new Elantra, Focus, and Civic. The Hyundai looks good and comes with a lot of equipment for your money but has sloppy steering and no composure over rough roads. The Focus is also a looker and it is extremely composed on the road but it is expensive and has poor residuals (estimated to be worth only 37% of new price after three years!!!). The Honda is actually nice looking in person and is really fun to drive but the interior feels and looks like it was made with recycled plastic. None of these cars are perfect.

  4. The Civic will sell based on that it IS a Honda!
    I've driven the Elantra and liked. One thing, did not like the A/C port to the right of the driver! My thoughts!
    Think next Hyundai/Kia engine upgrade will be Direct Fuel Injection for ever BETTER MPG!
    Vince, any news on the next Elantra Touring?

  5. It really doesn't look like an Elantra.. where's the upswept side window? It actually looks more like a Sonata coupe to me..

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