2012 Hyundai i40 sedan

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After the recently introduced wagon, Hyundai will soon show us the sedan version of what is technically the European version of our Sonata.
But it does look quite different.

The wagon might still come over here as the Sonata wagon, but the sedan is strictly for Europe.

Real pictures very soon….

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  1. I do not like that window profile, it's so un-necessary for the belt line to rise that high.

    I really love everything to the front of the front doors, and to the rear of the rear-doors. When you black out the center, the car shows a lot of promise. I love the shortened deck lid, and the crease/bend in the sheet metal from the side of the front doors into the hood reminds me of the Mercedes F800 concept from last year. I think the tail-lamps could be slightly more conservative yet contemporary and stylish like Audi, VW, Mercedes, or BMW.

  2. It's going to look better than the droopy-rear North American Sonata. In fact it's going to look a lot like the new Elantra, which already looks better than the Sonata.

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