2012 Hyundai i40 sedan

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More pictures of the Sonata’s European cousin.
It is a bit shorter than the US version. And uses different engines, including 2 diesels.

Looks like Hyundai is spending quite a bit of money trying to compete in Europe.
They didn’t just bring over the Sonata with a new front end.
This is a new car, based on the same architecture. Going after the Ford Mondeo, VW Passat, Opel Insignia and others.

While here it competes with the Camry/Accord crowd.

Here is a comparaison between the i40 (top) and our Sonata.
They are quite different….

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  1. The i40 looks more like the elantra which is more attractive (Maybe not as a whole) but as far as front end goes

  2. I don't care for the grille insert on the i40 sedan. The i40 wagon's grille is way way nicer. Also.. i find the Sonata's rear end is much more attractive than the i40s.

  3. Whoa! A Bigger Elantra… Nice!

    I still prefer that the US Elantra and Sonata each have their own distinctive designs.

  4. I've grown to hate the Sonata. Looks like a big four door Toyota Solara, which is one of the ugliest cars of the past ten years. The rental I had drove exactly like a Camry… which is slightly better than the handling in a 1990s Buick Century, but with a better engine. The i40 has shorter overhangs so it is more athletic looking, and it has better headlamps. It's probably lighter, which is good. But I don't care for the grille or the tail lamps on either. The interior is pretty typical. I give the i40 a B+ and the Sonata a C-

  5. It looks like the UC version is the first generation of the same car. The Euro version looks more modern and sophisticated IMO.

  6. Ours looks sharper then theirs – I'm tired of normal cars that look fast. I think that design should only be left for a c-segment car or smaller. Not for a mid-size sedan.

  7. wha….wwh…wda….what.th…the …this ….h..ho..how? h..huh??

    d.dd…did…did the north american just got the better looking version, while the european got the less good looking version of the same car?

    the world is turning upside down, rain will be dry, ice will be hot, sun will emits darkness, breathing air will make you suffocate, drinking water will dehydrate you. pigs gonna fly and dogs will meow. the law of the universe clearly states that for any given product/model available in any other place, an uglier, water-downed, cheapened version of the same model exists in north america.i guess the may 21st apocalypse is true afterall,

  8. If the i40 is the UK Sonata – I'd take that over the NA version.

    I adore the look of the Elantra – yet the N/A Sonata does zero for me…I know weird.

    they simply should have made the Sonata a larger Elantra – some would argue that is what they did – however I can't see it.

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