2012 Mercedes A Class

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Finally pictures of the real thing.
And it does look quite busy, with conflicting lines everywhere.
Besides the grille, nothing much says “Mercedes” here.

It will compete with the redesigned Audi A3, BMW 1 series and the current Lexus CT200h in Europe.

Here… It is rumored to be coming over. But maybe just as a sedan. To be shown at a later date.
Where it would compete directly with the upcoming sedan version of the next generation Audi A3.

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  1. Hmmmm. Not excited about this. In my experience, Mercedes is not good at building small cars. The C-class is just okay. And this looks bad.

  2. Vince,

    "Finally pictures of the real thing."

    How is it you know for sure that these images are going to the ACTUAL A-Class?

    All the other sites are saying these images haven't been confirmed as the new car.

    I think we're being a bit premature here.

  3. they went from the hottest looking hatch concept to a mix of toyota matrix + volvo c30 with base mopdel accord coupe wheels.

  4. The back looks like a Suzuki Kisashi, even this could have been a Suzuki Kisashi hatchback! Good job Benz, for copying around… you can't even be yourself?!

  5. Can you call a computer generated picture from an unidentified source the real thing? Surely the final product will much like this, but at least give MB the chance to present the "real thing" first before maing judgement.

  6. @AcuraKiller… I couldn't agree more. The image shown has not yet been verified as the real deal. But everyone can't wait to start throwing their punches.

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