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I am really not a fan of Mercedes’s recent block designs, but it seems to be getting better.

The CLS doesn’t look as horrible and plain as the E Class. And from what we can see here, the next S Class will also be much better looking than the E Class.

I always liked the design of the current S Class. Inside and out. The interior is one of the most luxurious around.
Let’s hope they keep it that way, instead of following the generic squared off E Class interior.

We’ll see…

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  1. see i think that the new generation of MB designs are of a distinctly GERMAN nature. Thats what they were going with and i think it works. Much better than the amorphous BMW styling of late.

  2. I love the current s class but let's be honest chris bangle revolutionized BMW and Mercedes played "ME TOO" now BMW toned it down and Benz is right behind them. Though looks pretty good

  3. I dont think Mercedes ever played a me too look, I think its your plain old ignorant BMW fan comment/opinion. I like both the companies, I am not a brand hater for any reason. I like both the companies and each has a respectable product in this category, I like the current S, but the design might be slowly showing its age, I like the new 7 seriers from BWM, but when I saw it in person at the auto show recently I thought the grille was a bit much, but i do definitely like the 7 er, but hopefully, like all the other S classes in the past this one looks excellent, and Vince I wish your epinon on the E class wasnt what it is, it is an excellent design, but then I guess it also depends on individual taste. But if you notice very carefully, these cars design age very well, they are very mature. Unlike the working class sedans like the Camry and the Accord or anything else in this class, they tend to age faster, and the design is not easy on the eyes after a while, unlike the german designs.

  4. First off I happen to lOve both cars. BMW started the clam shell trunk, mercedes did it after. BMW dropped it, in this pic it appears that Benz did as well. BMW put the transmission on the steering colum in a stupid little toggle, mercede did it, then BMW dropped it, let's see if Benz does. The binnacle for nav attached to the instrument cluster, the I drive knob. Seriously can keep going. Ps ignorance lies in not admitting your wrong.

  5. I think they're going to get closer to the current, more svelte BMW 7 Series and latest-generation Lexus LS — and get rid of those HORRIBLE FENDER FLARES which weren't screaming "luxury". The design just looked strange from the side. Adrian Van Hooydonk at BMW knows How To Make A Big Sausage Look Smaller. Mercedes finally realized no one copied them for the first time in two car design generations. Achtung~


  6. @ Salvatore Bellomo – They MB simply showed BMW how to do things better, as in design wise and functionality wise. oh and did they also copt the 4 wheels, headlamps and exhaust pipes too, cuz I see the BMW has them too.

  7. All Im saying is don't make a comment or respond to a comment using words like "Ignorant" when if you were a true car guy, you would know what you are speaking about. Mercedes Benz might have made the first car etc, but in recent years while Benz is trying to pull themselves out of a bad rep for pour reliability, they are infact copying BMW and I say that with out even being a BMW guy

  8. There is a rivalry between MB and BMW, lets be honest. The recent success of BMW hasn't gone unnoticed by MB, nor has the surge by Audi. MB HAS been playing catch-up on style features compared to the other two. They seemed dazed after the split from Chrysler.

  9. Oh there absolutely is. I'm actually an Audi guy, you just can't deny that chris bangle (Though I hates his work) absolutely gave the automotive industry a kick in the ass whether it be Audi, Benz, or anyone

  10. taste is a funny thing. I loathe the ghastly S-class. And think the E is the best-looking Merc in 50 years. I'm more into BMW, Lincoln, Cadillac & Rolls. The sharper the angles the sharper the car looks to me. And I L O V E the new 300c & 300SRT. But that's just me. The NEW E class 'Vert is really the ONLY Merc I've ever seriously considered.

  11. Really? I think the E class is a very attractive car, I do like the sharp lines more then the rounded. Mercedes is trying to get back to when people looked at their vehicles as solid an long lasting. If you remember, in or around the break of the millennium when thy introduced the new s class, the company also opened itself to allot of electronics which plauged Benz with plenty of issues. So they are trying to play a mind game with us. I think they are on the right track though, just need to stay true to what they are

  12. For $100,000, curb appeal and a swirl of sheetmetal matters less than appearance of youth and vigor. To put it in terms of New York, YOU drive the 760 to the weekend in the Hamptons, while you are DRIVEN down Park Ave to the office or the ladies' lunch in the S550 — or YOU are pulled over in Jersey in the S63 for being a suspected drug dealer.

    Out of all of them, I'd probably pick the Audi A8 or Rolls-Royce Ghost.

    Buy the S-Class used. The current gen (especially the 2007) will depreciate like a stone dropped off the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

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