2012 Nissan Versa

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Looking pretty bad in real life too.
Sure, nothing looks great with blacked out sticker and no wheel covers.
But still.
It looks too tall and odd.

But I guess not worse than the current model, which has been a good seller for Nissan.

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  1. The bigger the wheels/wheel covers, the better it will look. Let's just hope the much classier-looking hatchback model is also imported this time!

  2. Not a big fan of Nissan styling for a few years now. On the other hand Infiniti kicks out great style year after year. Odd.

  3. They should have called this the "Nissan Babushka" – much more in line with the styling. They could market it as having "plenty of room for potatos."

  4. It's been a good seller for Nissan because they practically give it away to rental fleets. There is no way this is going to continue to compete with the Koreans and the Ford Fiesta.

  5. These car companies want to punish you for not being able to afford higher end cars w cars such as this thing

  6. Funny how Vince won't publish very positive comments on this car. "Biased", "prejudice" that's what this blog is. This toyota loving', korean loving' extra won't support Nissan in any way. For shame. Nissan has the best overall car and truck lineup in the world. I have posted many great comments on this car and so have other nissfans. Vince only publishes his and his toyota loving' friends comments….booooo Vince!

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