2012 Opel Zafira

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The 3rd generation Zafira is finally here.

After tons of spy shots and various illustrations, and a concept version a while ago.

Here is the real thing. And it looks really good. Much better than the Ford Grand C-Max (Sold here as “just” the C-Max).

I am not sure how modern GM wants to turn Buick, but this would be a great addition to the US brand.
There are now rumors that the really cool looking Opel Astra Coupe might actually make it as a Buick here next year.
So this new Zafira would not be out of place in a Buick showroom.

There is hope.

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  1. Thanks Vince. Am I the only one who thinks that gm should scrap Buick and bring Opel to the states?

  2. You're not the only one. Buick is sourcing new products from Opel, but Opel's entire range appeals more to a younger US demographic. And let's face it, GM is never going to get pre-gray hair people to buy a Buick. Bring them over as Opels. I hear there are lot of empty used Saturn dealerships available.

  3. This would fit in nicely with Buick, but I see it more as a more luxurious option when compared to the Mazda 5 and Ford (Grand) C-Max. One problem is justifying a higher price w/o a chevy version around. We don't even have the Orlando.

  4. I'm not saying i would buy this exact car, but the boomerang head lights are hot. The car looses allot when you slap that cheesy Buick plastic grill and emblem on front. Bring a new exciting brand. Even the Opel version of the volt looks a million times better then the chevy! They are trying to pump excitement into a brand that will never be exciting, just as they did with Saturn

  5. Hopefully GM won't put the cheezy Buick grille onto this. This van is really hot. But I do not like the Sienna tail lamps at all. I really am tired of the pixelated LED clusters. It would be great if automakers would move onto another fad.

  6. Does Buick really need a minivan?

    Yes, they do. The minivan is quietly replacing the Grand Marquis/98/New Yorker/Electra niche as a luxury family vehicle. If you don't believe it–go sit inside a $40,000+++ Town & Country or Sienna.

  7. That's the first time I've heard someone complain about the "pixelated" LED cluster. Now I know I'm not alone! Those lights can take up any shape now, look at what they did to the Montego/Sable!…but that's possibly a bad example due to bleached light syndrome.

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