2012/13 BMW 3 series GT

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Still, just another illustration.
But there won’t be many surprises when the new 3 series comes out early next year.
And the GT will just be a hatchback version of the sedan.

It might work better than the 5 series GT which looks too heavy and bloated.
Will compete in Europe with the Audi A5 Sportback. Which does look great.

And with the 5 series GT flop in the US, we might not even see it here at all…

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  1. This is probably where the GT hatch should have been applied, instead of the 5-series. Looks good. I hope it gets made.

  2. It is a huge improvement over the 5 series GT in simply that I do not find it repulsive.

    I think BMW should do well with this one.

  3. BMW needs to stop the madnesss. I am one who appreciates hatch vehicles, but BMW sure makes ugly one.

  4. This looks much better than the sedan. It gives it substance. It does not look like a Civic on steroids.

  5. Basing the 3-GT on the 3-sedan makes much more sense than basing the 5-GT on the 7-sedan.. should keep the prices down too. The old adage that US buyers don't buy hatchbacks seems to be changing, but they sure as hell don't want to pay a premium for one.

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