2012/13 Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

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Fancy, and old fashion, name for “wagon”.

The new CLS is quite a good looking car (although I still do prefer the previous version), so this wagon version could be one of the best looking of its kind. Ever.

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  1. Almost doesn't count. And this is very "almost" on so many levels. Taken as a whole, it's too reminescent of Merc's "dumpy" years: the previous E & C and the current S. It's clearly better than any of those–but not by enough. Not with the A7 & CTS wagon to contend with.

  2. These retarded-named Shooting Brake stuff is both infantile and vulgar. Only bratty little trust-funders would want one of these.

  3. Americans have never seen wagons as being premium cars (unlike europeans) even when they cost as much as Town & Country wagons & Electra Wagons used to. And "hatchback" is sonominous with "cheap" in the USA. Mercedes apparently learned nothing from Chrysler and has decided that a hatchback/wagon would sell well in the USA if priced in the $50k-$90k range. –Dunkaumofs!!!

  4. Americans want something higher off the ground than wagons/hatchbacks…How can anyone not understand this? Even Europeans and Asians are rushing to buy Crossovers….It is not just a USA thing. Look it up…BMW can't make enough X1 and X3 for other markets.

  5. I always thought a "shooting brake" was meant to be like a two door wagon.
    MB obviously see it as a coupe wagon, which includes a 4 door.

  6. Could be worse, for a total balls up, Google "Ferarri Daytona Shooting Brake".

    They look like a hearse for a playboy midget.

    Reliant Scimitar is an example on how it should be done.

  7. This is no more a "shooting brake" than the CLS sedan is a "4 door coupe".

    Love it or hate it, the Ferrari Four is a true shooting brake.

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