2013/14 Toyota Prius to be Plug-In only

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Toyota has announced that the next version of the Prius, coming out in 2014, will be only available as a Plug-In version. Competing more closely with the Chevrolet Volt.

The current model will be available as a Plug-In version for the 2012 model year.
It is now rumored to be priced very closely to the regular version.
As it should be. It can only drive for about 14 miles in EV mode.

Let’s hope the new 2014 model gets better number, something closer, or better, than the Volt.

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  1. And Toyota said today it's a false statement and they never said that…

    Which makes sense since extra costs for plug-in won't be cheap anytime soon and most are fine without.

  2. I would never buy a pure electric. The heat were I live will kill those batteries within 3 years. I have seen at lease 5 pure electrics broke down on the road here because the juice does not last as long as the computer thinks it should.

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