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Names like Fury GT, Gremlin, LTD, Eldorado and Riviera were part of our lives.
Not anymore.

On these pictures, only the Mustang survived.

.Plymouth has been gone for years. So has AMC.
.The LTD has become the Taurus. (Unless it was the Crown Victoria, now “kind of” replaced by the Taurus)
.Eldorado could be the CTS Coupe. But no convertible.
.And Buick does not have a coupe anymore.

Another world…

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  1. I'd take any one of them, any day (or better yet; ALL of them). (Except the ugly Gremlin–it looks like a damn Toyota thingy). Each is D I S T I N C T ! You can't get that kind of room and comfort in anything but a full-size SUV today. And them you don't get the classy styling. But that's what Government over-regulation does to an industry. Takes out all the "free-thinking" All the innovation. All the FUN. -sigh!

  2. Can't just blame the eeeeeevil government. Tastes changed too. Even if every brand survived to this day, those names would have changed long ago. Alphanumerics rule the world now sadly.

    I'm a GM guy, but I'd love to have either of those Fords now. Never seen the Fury GT a day in my life.

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