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I guess the “Big VW” is now the much more conservative Passat.
The cool Volvo P1800 is the C30.

But Fiat doesn’t have a convertible anymore. (Except the 500)
Citroen does not have anything like the SM either.
And the Celica died in 2006. (although the upcoming Scion RWD Coupe will carry that torch…)

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  1. I believe that's an Alfa Romeo Spider, and there is a new model available at least on their website. Oh, and there is also an Alfa 8C Spider…

  2. Officially, the Passat replaced the 1500/1600, the 411/412 were initially in the same segment as the Audi 100, which is today the A6. So the 411 would be something between Passat and Phaeton, even if looking at that horrible blob, that sounds unbelievable 😉

  3. I still remember my neighbor, a little old woman in her 70's, who had a Celica ST exactly like this one in dark blue. I coveted that car. Unfortunately, she passed away and the car was sold before I reached my 16th birthday. I hated to see both of them go. My next car crush was a Mazda RX7. Those were the days when Japan made unique and beautiful cars.

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