Audi does it right

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Unlike BMW.

How to come up with a good looking wagon, a great looking hatchback.
All from a conservative looking sedan….

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  1. I don't like this brand, but they still get my applause. Turns out certain shades of boring CAN be modified into something decent.

  2. I'm confused by the A7. It's a beast of a car that seems about as useful at the 5 series GT. I truly doubt people will be willing to spend A8 money for an A6 hatchback.

    Now, the A5 Sportback is another story. The hatchback on a smaller sedan WORKS! It doesn't make the car seem long and huge like the A7. I saw several A5 Sportbacks while in Europe last month and I will say that it is probably the most gorgeous Audi sedan of 2011. It's beefy and sexy like the A5 coupe but functional like the A4 Avant. It's perfection! Bring it to the USA!!!

  3. The A7 is less $$ than an A8. And it should be. The A8 has an exceptional interior and the A7 has an adequite one. I like the overall shape of the A7 for the same reason I like the same design in Jag's biggest sedan: it looks long & sveldt. The A6 sedan is too generic for my tastes. And the wagon, merely adequite; especially considering the great job Audi did on the Quattro wagon 10 years ago. I was expecting much more. All things considered, I'd either up the anti & go for the A8 or Jag or BMW7iL. Either that or play it frugle and get either a Charger SXT or 300-Executive series. The A6/A7 are nice–just not nice enough.

  4. Okay.

    Is there something wrong with me? I don't understand what the swooning is all about. I think Audi's designs are just OK.

  5. Audi design is beautiful and understated. I don't really see the need to show the a7 with the two a6's cause they really dont even look the same. These are cars that in pictures your think "Thats all new!?" but in person are very impressive. Though not a huge fan of the wagon it's still nice. The A7 looks amazing in person, in pictures as someone stated above it's a 5 series gt

  6. I really do like the looks of the A7. But the A6 starts at around $45k and the A7 starts at around $60k. The A7 can go all the way to nearly 80k if you get all the fun electronic options! That's more than a nicely equipped A8. Maybe for the S7 that would make sense, but this still only has one engine choice and the panache of a $45k car. I have a hard time justifying the premium for a car that looks more utilitarian than the sedan, but without any appreciable utility benefit. It's a beautiful style exercise, but I don't think they priced it well.

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