BMW 5 series GT :”Disappointing”

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What a surprise!
Turns out the ugliest BMW ever isn’t selling well. Who would have thought????

They expected to find between 4000 and 8000 buyers a year for the heavy handed and clumbsy looking hatchback.
First year sales were about 2800, and on its way to around 2100 for this year.

I do love hatchbacks, don’t get me wrong. Audi has shown how a luxury hatch should look like with their stunning A7. And the smaller A5 Sportsback.
But the 5 series GT is one odd and heavy looking beast. Pretty much every one was wondering what BMW was thinking when they introduced it.

I guess that means we might be getting the good looking new wagon over here after all….

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  1. No surprises really. Maybe if they drop the price a little they might get a few more takers. But that is a big might.

  2. Yes I agree the price was a definately a factor but also the poor gas mileage on this car was another determining factor in its demise…

  3. the "ugliest BMW ever"!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Have you seen the X6?

    I actually like the this GT except for the absurd small rear window, but I would still prefer a true 5 series wagon anyday.

  4. Actually I think it is very good looking, however if you price one out with minimal things you are talking 70 to over 100K. They need to get a grip on their pricing.

  5. Those numbers get worse when you realize that most of those 2800 to 2100 units cannibalized other BMW models. BRING BANGLE BACK!!!

  6. Okay.

    Every time I see one of these on the road (which is rare), I shudder to think of the poor soul who spent that much money on one of these. They are pug-fugly.

  7. Wasn't this model originally designed to be a Mercedes R-class competitor (called V5 or V7 I believe) until they realized what a sales disaster that beast was? So they then hurriedly dumped the third row and grafted an awkward sloping back on it, and instead tried to pass it off as some sporty GT cruiser? It deserved to fail! I want the 5er wagon back!

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