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Just a new picture of the all new small Opel Astra based small Buick. Outside. (From a recent event in Baltimore)

It might actually look pretty good in real life.
I saw a few Astras last time I was in Europe, and they do look really good. So an “Astra with a trunck” could still be an attractive car.

We’ll see…

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  1. This looks more like a real Buick than the new Regal does. Hopefully they don't cheap out the interior too much.

  2. I saw it at the NY Auto show and it is not a bad looking car. Nice interior also. I hate to be sexist, but it does look a car more likely to be driven by a woman than a man.

  3. Saw this at the auto show and it might as well have been invisible. I'm sure it's a good car and all, but Buick will not find many younger buyers with this.

  4. Nice, sophisticated small car. Makes the "new" Honda Civic look dated, tired, and old. If anyone thinks Buicks are for the geriatic crowd, think again. I'd say their recent designs put them far younger a crowd than Honda.

    Watch out Honda and Toyota! I don't think you need to worry about looking in the rearview mirror to see where the competition is, you need to see who's now in front of you blowing smoke in your face! The line is getting longer!

  5. I agree with Rick, that c / d pillar arrangement looks off. I know Mercedes has adopted a similar roofline on its c-class, and it doesn't look any better on there either.

    It will be sort of okay if it remains in the 25k price range with a price ceiling of 30k so that it at least wins on price.

    The Infiniti G25 starts at 30k and the next-gen Audi-A3 will come in below 28k, and I'd take either of those cars over this one.

  6. Too small to be a real car. May do well against the A4 C-class and small Nissan & Acura; -but I'd never consider them either. All too small for me to take seriously.

  7. I think the Buick Verano looks very nice; definitely a strong possibility for my husband and me. But first I want to see the Buick Encore.

  8. Buick seems to be appealing to a younger audience these days. A guy in the hood who is bald with lots of tatoos & piercings just bought a new LaCrosse–and seems pretty proud of himself for doing so. He's probably late 20's / early 30's. Doesn't have big rims on it — yet; but that's probably coming. It struck me as a changing of the times. Buick SAYS they're going after Lexus. But I think they'ld be quite happy to steal some sales from the Chrysler 300 too!

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