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A surprising tiny new car from Kia.
Looking pretty much ready to come out soon.

It also looks like it would be mostly for the local Korean market. Maybe Europe as well.
But I am not sure Kia is ready to sell this in the US.

But who knows. Rising gas prices have plenty to do with what consumers are willing to drive lately.

We’ll see….

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  1. This car looks to be picking up where the 1st-gen Scion xB left off. I'd love to see these on American roads, but I doubt it'd be able to pass the rigorous crash and emission tests.

  2. I live in a retirement community in Florida and small cars are big around here for second cars. Lot's of Smarts, Kia Souls, Scions and Mini Coopers. I think a small box would be big. Although I don't see many Nissan Cubes as much as I do Kia Souls and Scions.

  3. Kia Kube? I like the Soul better. Although I'm sure this would still sell faster than the Nissan Cube. I'm not seeing as many xBs as I used to. But I don't think North America needs a sub-Soul, just yet.

  4. The Kia Soul appears more CUVish this is more mpvish. I hate mpvs. Why didn't they use the Kia Neimo design?

  5. It's obviously a Kei car. Every Japanese company makes one or more of these. They are intended for Japan's crowded streets only, designed to exploit local tax and insurance regulations. I have to say, it's quite bold for Kia to enter this very specific market. The only Non-Japanese car maker to have tried (and failed) before has been Smart.

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