More 2012 BMW 3 series illustrations

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These look pretty realistic.

the new 3 will not bring with it any surprises. As it will look like a small 5 series, which itself looks like a small 7 series.
Which is fine, I guess. I happen to really like the new 5 series design.

I never liked the current 3 series sedan. So a small 5 will be fine.

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  1. wow… that is a very handsome looking sedan. I don't know why, but the view from behind reminds me of the C-class. Mostly though it's a mix between the 5 and 6 series, and looks great!

  2. I have a 2011 G37X and my friend has a 2009 BMW 335i, and although I love my car, the BMW still drives and handles better(and you pay through the nose for that). This is a handsome car, I will bet when it comes out, it will still be the funnest to drive.

  3. This looks pretty realistic seeing the new spy shots and that BMW is going with the whole "S, M, L" theme. The current 3 series in it's recent update looks great. Though this I am sure will look better

  4. I'm with you Vince, never liked the current 3 series sedan (the 2 door is a different story)so this will be a welcome improvement. If it's a smaller version of the 5 series it should be an aesthetic success.

  5. Of any of the new BMWs, this rendering of the 3 series wears this design language the best.And I do see the C Class vibe its giving off.

  6. I'm not sure that I understand these "bloated""lose weight" comments. If the car drives great and gets good mileage, why do people care what it weighs? What would you like to remove? Airbags, sunroof, speakers? They already removed the spare tire, and everyone revolted.

    Unless you have a need where you must physically pick up the car and take it with you like a briefcase, what does weight matter? If weight is such a concern, buy a Mini or a Smart car.

  7. I like it a lot. Mine will be bright metallic blue, if BMW offers more color is North America than white, black, red, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey and grey.

  8. They need to stretch it, oh, about 6-8 inches in length to actually count as something more than a compact. This is a car for those shorter than 5'6". Otherwise the occupants look like they needed a bigger car, but could not afford it.

  9. "Otherwise the occupants look like they needed a bigger car, but could not afford it."

    Whatever the base price of this thing ends up being, one could easily buy not one but TWO Impalas, but I still understand what you're saying.

    The "bloattedness" to me is in the look only, the only thing missing is the curly piggy tail, but hey, that's also more protection when it comes to getting rear ended by a Suburban.

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