2012 BMW 3 series

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With less camouflage than before.
Still hard to tell details, so maybe there is some 2012 1 Series weirdness under there.
But I would guess, mostly a small 5 series.

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  1. That's definitely a BMW.. but from the windshield back, it could also easily be a 2000 Civic! The taillights look like they will be nearly identical to the 5-sedan's.

  2. I think it's looking really good – but very similar in shape and proportion to my '04 325…no real reason for me to pay the premium for a '12 no matter how good it looks…

  3. If BMW makes it look like a small 5 series, that's good. But if they make it resemble the horrible looking 1 series that we've seen, that would be disastrous.

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