2012 Euro Honda Civic

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These are still just illustrations. But they show a design that is very different, and much more aggressive than the current generation.
The Euro Civic has always looked much more modern than the sedan we have over here.
And, at least on these illustrations, it looks very different. The spy shots we’ve seen so far showed a car that looked a lot like the current one.
But it could be close, who knows. The prototypes driving around still have quite a bit of camouflage on them.

This is the current model in Europe. The equivalent of our previous generation.
And it still looks great. And a million times better than our “all new” 2012 Civic.

Maybe they could find it in their heart to bring this over here as an entry level Acura.
Why not? We’re already getting the Euro Accord sedan and wagon as the TSX…

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  1. The current European Civic hatchback is by far my favourite non-exotic car in the world. To me, it is such a fabulous design, at least in terms of styling alone (inside it's great too), that I think Honda is going to have a bit of a problem replacing it, because I don't see how they can possibly top it for the next gen. Anything they come up with will almost certainly be a letdown. That car in Autoweek's illustrations doesn't look bad, but I wouldn't call it an improvement, just a different thing, and clearly clumsier overall.

  2. except for the front … nice design. Very interesting the dynamic side and the join to the bottom. Could be my future car. I love Honda

  3. This design is far better than the US model design, its more unique. The new US model looks just like the previous generation. At least this design is more dynamic. I think this design would sell more than the new Civic. And give a better chance against the Elantra, which is selling like hotcakes.

  4. this would make a nice revival of the Acura RSX, or at least a nice basis for a revival, so long as they can get the interior up to speed enough to give it the Acura name.

  5. I thought Honda had dropped the Euro/JDM Civic after the current generation? Whatever they do, I hope they don't build THAT! I agree with el-monty, the current Civic hatch (both 3- and 5-door) is one of my favorite designs of the past decade, and will be very difficult to top.

  6. Thank God we did not get this design here. It is way too different. I would never purchase a new car unless I cannot distinguish it from every other vehicle.

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