2012 Hyundai Elantra Coupe.

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Another picture of the upcoming competition to the Civic coupe.
And that’s pretty much it so far.
There is no Cruze coupe, or Focus coupe, or Jetta coupe, so far.

So Hyundai might be getting a big slice of the compact coupe market when this car comes out.

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  1. The sedan is basically sold out everywhere and I think is the best looking Hyundai to date, the coupe is a no brainer. Though I think when the jetta coupe and focus coupe become avalible that it will have serious competition

  2. The Focus and Cruze coupe will look the best, especially the cruze one – it will look audi-esque. The Focus coupe would look good if they give it the same roof-line/green-house as the Cruze – audi/mercedes-ish.

    The Elantra's looks are more fitting for a larger car but not bad either.

  3. What Focus & Cruze coupe? The only compact coupes on the market right now are:
    Honda Civic
    Scion Tc
    Kia Forte Koupe
    Hyundai Elantra (winter 2012)
    So far threre has been no indication by Ford or GM of a Focus or Cruze coupe in the pipeline.

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