2012 Kia K9

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The top picture is obviously just an illustration.
The others are prototypes of the real car.
As far as we know, it is based on the Hyundai Genesis.
And probably not for the US. Since we’re not even getting the smaller (but larger than Optima) K7.

Too bad. Maybe they’re not ready to move up from the Optima yet. At least in the US…

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  1. Man, I really the design of the k7! Too bad it won't becoming here. Anyway, do you know if the 2012 hyundai azera will becoming to the states?!

  2. The more they uncover this car, the more I like it…the proportions and details are starting to shape up. Looks luxurious. Hopefully the hyundai equus wheels will be changed to something more kia flavored

  3. Man, we have super cheesy KIA dealerships and advertising in my area. If Kia has any hopes of being taken seriously, they really need to address this. Not even their very nice recent designs can overcome the cheese factor, IMHO.

  4. Kia is focussing the wrong way, they build cars for poor people and they should stay in that segment. This will not move any volume at all.

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