2012 Kia Rio

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Just saw this on the freeway earlier today, on m y way to the beach.

I must say, it looks stunning in person.
Better than anything I can think of in the segment.

Should be a gig hit for Kia when it comes out…

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  1. I find it difficult to imagine how this car can look "absolutely stunning in person."

    That's a bit of a stretch, no?

  2. I'm hoping this is the LX model from the wheel design…looks great. I'm glad they didnt use extremely small rims that make the proportions odd

  3. I don't find this more attractive then a vw golf. Why does the roofline go up so high… visibility through the rear window looks poor as well. But the front end looks pretty nice. The crease on the side of the car from some angles looks like the Volts or the one coming on other new chevy products.

  4. Kia is indeed on a role. sales are soaring. I expect the launch of the 2012 Rio will continue their upward sales momentum!

  5. Kia is indeed on a role. sales are soaring. I expect the launch of the 2012 Rio will continue their upward sales momentum!

  6. The toughest choices in this segment will be between this, Accent, Sonic, and Fiesta…however the Mazda 2 is surprising in a good….but not at it's current price and with a 4spd auto.

  7. I can say it is stunning in person. I work near their development center here in OC and see them buzzing about every morning. Kia is truly transforming the landscape with stunning, original designs. I don't think it's in any way a rip-off of the Fiesta. What and ignorant thing to say. That's like saying "WalMart is a rip off of K-mart." They're both basically the same, just different flavors.

  8. You wanna to see a Rip-Off or Copy, I own a 2011 Ford Fiesta SE hatchback and (you) check out the 2012 Hyundai Accent Hatchback, now "that`s" a knock-off! The only similarity of the 2012 Kia Rio5 and the Ford Fiesta Hatchback is they both have 4 tires, burn gasoline, and have exterior mirrors mounted on the drivers door instead of the fender triangle. Compared to the 2012 Accent, the Rio will sell out whatever Inventory they can produce, period!

  9. Kaarman, what color was that new 2012 KIa Rio5? Light silver blue or a light frosted glass green? Hope they offer a soft "off white", not a boring plain oxford white and not that tired yellowish creme color Dune Sand, ugggh. I know Kia shares a few colors with Hyundai but usually offer a few of their own. Most of 2012 Accents colors are boring with the exception of Boston Red.

  10. Anonymous- Regarding the color, I see many. I work right down the street. I see them on the streets bouncing around like fleas. They really pop against the sterile landscape of Irvine regardless of color.

  11. Kaarman, thanks. So far Kia Media has not revealed colors, option configurations, nor prices. Hopefully by July or Aug a month or two before the assumed launch, they will release this information. The new 2012 Hyundai Accent in both Sedan and Hatchback versions with its very limited content is a gross disappointment IMO. Maybe they have already begun production at Kia`s Sohari plant in Korea and building up significant inventory. Maybe someone in Korea that reads this Blog can confirm.

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