2012 Lexus GS

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Still lots of camouflage, so it’s hard to see if it will look much better than the current model.
Which, I think, still looks very nice.

I just hope it doesn’t look too much like the scary LF-Gh concept.
That would be pretty tragic, and would give Lexus the worst looking car in the segment.

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  1. OH NO Vince.

    One of the VERY few times I disagree with you. I actually like the scary, aggressive look of the LF-Gh. Lexus needs a shot in the arm from the very dull, 1990 Buick-like look of its current lineup.

  2. Kinda has a Dodge Charger look to it, but the actual production grille will probably be toned down. The front and back have character, but it needs a crease along the side somewhere to breakup the flatness. In trying to break out of the conservative, boring label, Toyota might actually end up sending some customers over to cross shop the Hyundai Genesis unless it is part of Toyotas plan to not be number 1 as they mentioned two weeks ago. In that case Chrysler might be in trouble.

  3. Given Lexus' position in the market, I highly doubt they will slap that grille on the GS. Too radical. The 50 and 60 something crowd will puke….

  4. Oh Vince … Nice, but it's not your photo to use! Please remove our copyrighted image from this page. Thanks!

    Brenda Priddy & Company

  5. Lexus is nothing more than a poorly styled, glorified toyota. That, my friends is certainly nothing to be proud of.

  6. Can someone please post a link to the picture that the bitch Brenda made Vince remove? She has no right to make money off of photos that are taken on public land/roads.

  7. At least she asked nicely! My issue with the LF-Gh concept is the proportions.. the GS has, in a sense, always been Lexus' 4-door "coupe", with sleeker, curvier lines than the rest of the Lexus sedans.. but the tall, angular greenhouse of the concept screams LS junior! Guess Lexus is aiming at the E class instead of the CLS with this one.

  8. again with the stupid redneck comments of how japanese luxury brands are glorified version of their parent brands, get out of your trailers and go travel around the world a bit. in europe, most bmw/merc on the streets are cheapo base model econobox in cloth seat and 4 cylinder engine with the displacement and power of civics and corollas. while the bigger 5 series and e classes with the horsepower of 4 cylinder Camry serve as taxis everywhere, and i mean average taxis you can find anywhere not specialized/high-end limo ones at the airport. furthermore in china where competition is fierce, everybody have their own local assembly lines to cut cost and even the playing field, so for you to go there and brag about getting a brand new 3 series or audi a4 you sound about as awesome as someone else talking about getting a new scion tc or 4 cylinder camry, because the market price for all those cars fall pretty much in the same range. as for the japanese, well the toyota sedans in japan that most lexuses are based on, namely the toyota mark, crown (is and gs) and even the toyora sai (hs250), costs anywhere from 30k to over 80k usd to purchase in japan, so no, there's no "glorification" going on at all, you are paying what they cost as toyota, with or without the lexus badge. just because the left over scraps toyota dumps in north america seem cheap doesn't mean toyota elsewhere are cheap. and you will definitely not see a 65k 300hp toyota crown athlete or a 40k 300 hp mark x being used as a taxi anywhere in japan, airport/train station high-end limousines maybe, but never as average taxis you can find anywhere. nissan/infiniti is the same story, for you to buy the nissan skyline and fuga (equivalent to the infiniti g, ex and m) in japan, you are looking to fork over 35k-60k usd, so that's how much they costs as nissans in japan and that's how much you are paying to get them as infiniti elsewhere. there's no "glorification" going on. the only reason these companies (both the japanese and europeans) play marketing/badging game in north america is because most people in north america are TOO STUPID to appreciate and understand finer materials and refined drivetrains, and TOO STUPID to realize that the material and horsepower of your more expensive car doesn't decrease simply because another cheaper car is parked in the same lot with the same brand logo on it. they need to be taught what or why they like something, performance numbers and type of materials makes no sense to these idiots. so companies like bmw/merc pretend that they are not some of the biggest taxi and econobox manufacturers in europe, and toyota/nissan hire guys to design new logo and open seperate dealerships.

  9. Vince, this thing is hideous and sales would certainly tank even further if this is released as is.

    "Anonymous said…
    Can someone please post a link to the picture that the bitch Brenda made Vince remove? She has no right to make money off of photos that are taken on public land/roads.

    June 27, 2011 3:30 PM"

    She does if she paid the owner for rights to it, you fool.

    Do you have no clue how a copyright works??????

  10. "Anonymous said…
    Can someone please post a link to the picture that the bitch Brenda made Vince remove? She has no right to make money off of photos that are taken on public land/roads."

    Um…yes she does. Are you really that dense about a little thing called "law." She owns the pictures if she took or bought them from the person who took them. It doesn't matter WHERE the picture was taken. Word of advice…don't go to law school.

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