2012 Mercedes B-Class

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An all new Mercedes B-Class is due really soon.
I am still surprise to see this picture before the new A-Class, which I though was supposed to come out first.
The current B-Class came out in Europe in 2005, so a new one is due.
I remember when Mercedes said they were going to sell it over here. Which never happened. But did in Canada.

They are strong rumors the new one will be sold in US. Alongside a sedan version of the new A-Class. We”ll see…

This is what the current model looks like.
Not sure if the new one is such an improvement. Like with so many recent Mercedes designs lately…

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  1. Okay.

    That random character line that sweeps up from the bottom looks plain stupid to me. I think the A-class does the same thing, no?

    Still stupid. Plus, this looks more like a refresh and not a redesign. Way too evolutionary…

  2. It's probably an all-new platform. It looks a lot wider and the fuel filler has switched sides.

    This will give it 5 passenger capabilities instead of 4.5 on the old car. That's a good move, especially now that child seats are mandated until the kids graduate from college.

    Seems like a good evolution. MB could sell a bunch of these in the US.

    I love how the tan jacket in the top pic looks like a taxi sign. How European.

  3. Vince, what's with your obvious STRONG bias against Mercedes?

    I've been reading this site for years and I've never seen you write a single positive comment. It is rather annoying.

  4. The worst thing ou could say about this car is that you could replace the Mercedes-Benz logo with the one from Opel and no one would mention it. Sad. But I guess it appeals to the super-conservative crowd over here.

  5. Is this the size of a Fit ? Hopefully, the packaging is better than the C-whatever hatch from a few years back –that was just WAY too crowded inside. I hope luxury small cars make their way to the US market. Its about time we had something that didn't feel like a rolling trash can in this size segment. If they could get this loaded to the US for about $25k walkin out the door, they could have a contender.

  6. True, the old one is cleaner.. but also markedly smaller and narrower, which is precisely why they didn't offer it in the US (except now as an F-Cell). The new one is definitely a size larger, and would fit better in the US lineup (just don't tell them it's FWD).

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