2012 Mercedes M Class

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Lots of new Mercedes models lately.
An all new M is around the corner.

And these are pictures of the real thing, from the brochure itself.
It does look a bit better than what I saw on some earlier illustrations.
But I wouldn’t say it is an improvement over the current model.

The new, more blocky interior seems to be a bit overdone.

I guess it could look better in the flesh.
Who knows…

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  1. from the side and rear 3/4 view, it reminds me of the new explorer…given recent mercedes, that is meant as a compliment !

  2. The interior looks good. More upscale I believe then previous. The exterior is going to be one of those "It grew on me" types. They raised the hood, probably to give it more of an suv look. Better looking the the glk but then again that isn't really saying much

  3. That interior looks fantastic, Vince. I have no idea what in the hell you are talking about.

    I think the exterior is an improvement as well, more masculine.

    I like it.

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