2012 Mercedes M Class

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More, and much better, pictures of the all new M Class.

It does look much better on these photos, especially inside.

Outside, it seems like a cross between the current generation and the E class wagon. Not very exciting or new.
And even more generic than the current one.

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  1. Wow. Mercedes has changed the look of their sedans and coupes pretty dramatically lately. So I was expecting something… more. It looks like they went back to a two-generation old M Class and stuck a grille from a new GLK and tail lamps from a three generation old Lexus. It's not a bad design, but it's just an outdated look.

  2. The wood on the dash is horrible, too much of it. The exterior isn't breaking any new ground. The Chevy Equinox looks more modern. But I am sure that three pointed star on the grill will be enough for those looking to show off their good taste.

  3. Nothing says classy like a 2×4 plank of wood on the dashboard. The exterior design just screams "why did they bother?" Maybe by creating an old looking Mercedes, they want people to remember back to the 80s when their cars were actually over-engineered. They could start by getting rid of those cheap looking side mirror housings.

  4. BIG improvement. BIG improvement.
    Dash is almost as upscale as the Grand Cherokee (almost).

    Exterior is still…very Mercedes (unfortunately) but decidely better looking than the previous M (which I guess isn't really saying a whold lot).

  5. A portion of the left tail light is out. That speaks volumes to me….

    Mercedes has never been about quality or reliability. Just Status for the sake of Status. And to get that kind of appeal you only need 1 thing: ridiculously high pricing. At least now thay are moving up to a level of style more typical of vehicles in their price range. The heavy wood may not be as good as that in a Panamerica 4-dr, BMW 7, Jag, Cherokee or Bently; but at least it's closer than the "mostly-plastic" dashes in past M-series CUV's.

  6. Its a parking light not a burned out bulb…They use those in Europe.

    A stupid little Kia Sorento is over $30K now. this is far superior.

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