2012 Range Rover Evoque Price.

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The 5 door Front Wheel Drive model will start at $44 000 in the US.

You can get the 3 door model for $1000 more. They call it a “coupe”. That way they can charge more for it.

Not sure what comes standard. It seems pricey if you compare it to the $36 000 LR2.
I guess that’s “only” a Land Rover.

But much more less than the $60 000 Range Rover Sport.

At least it looks great, inside and out. I saw it in person last year, and it really seems very nice.
The first truly 21st century looking Range Rover.

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  1. It's no surprise. It's obvious that LR chose to make it a Range to command a higher price. I'm actually surprised it took so long and that LR doesn't make all their vehicles RR's

  2. I have seen these driving around NJ and NY, and they are really beautiful. But I have to say, it's a huge mistake offering it in front-wheel-drive. It just seems feeble.

  3. I'm guessing up by rockland county? I'm not sure why they would do front wheel drive but I think it will be better for weather purposes. I seen it at the NY auto show and I think it looks great

  4. Seen them in the Paramus/Mahwah area. Also have seen one in Manhattan. Makes sense since LR's headquartered in NJ. I'd definitely consider one of the AWD versions, but FWD is a non-starter and I don't think that even having front-wheel-drive is very on-brand. For comparison, Jeep has done some really low-rent stuff lately, and having a FWD Patriot in their lineup really isn't okay. People notice, and it has tarnished their brand slightly.

    Also, I'd like to point out that the board on the roof carrier in the first pic is facing the wrong way. Fins to the front. Always.

  5. fwd. 240hp from 2.0l 6 spd trans for ONLY $45,000? and worst reliability in the industry comes standard too? what an amazing deal!
    nothing screams "i have too much money and the car knowledge of a female 15 years old justin bieber fan" like buying one of these

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