2012 Samsung SM7

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Samsung Cars is own by Renault.
The current SM7 sedan is a version of the Japanese market Nissan Teena. Based on our previous generation Maxima.
Which means it came out in 2004.
So, a new one is coming out. Very soon. And based on the concept we’ve seen a little while ago.

Once it is out as a Samsung, it might even end up as a large Renault in Europe, where it would replace the Vel Satis.

As you can see, it is very close to the “concept”. Which wasn’t really a concept.
More like a chromed out version of the production car…

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  1. Renault replaced the VelSatis with the Latitude here in Europe, wich is Renault´s version of the SM5. In Germany, it can´t be bought, but only being leased and I haven´t seen one on the streets yet.

    As big Renaults haven´t sold very well in the past decades, I doubt that the larger SM7 will end up as a part of Renaults European range.

    There is a another interesting detail: To my knowledge, the French government, which holds a stake in Renault, insists on the fact that the French car brand has to develope and produce larger cars in France. Everyone knows that large, French sedans don´t sell very well, but this seems to be a political descision.

  2. The production vehicle looks like a Kia Optima with Malibu headlamps and a grille from a Carrier heat pump. It'll be that unbranded vehicle used for insurance ads.

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