2012 Toyota Camry

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More pictures of the camouflaged new Camry.

It won’t break any grounds, but it will probably, again, be the best selling car in the country. No matter how many people love hating it.

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  1. Here we go again, with a photo of something that could be anything. And I say this is the new Ford Fusion…

  2. Salvatore is right.. that pinched-in lower grille is exactly like the Lexus concept sedan shown recently.. maybe this is actually the next Lexus ES?

  3. The Altima by Nissan is rated #1 in consumer reports. the Altima outsold Camry and Accord in Canada for all of 2011. The Altima outsold all cars in the U.S. In March. I think the Altima will outsell it!

  4. The new camry is being photographed in downtown long beach out in the open. Twice now I've walked into the set on the way to get coffee around Broadway and Linden. They haven't done a very good job of keeping it from public view. It has a waistline similar to a Kia forte, but otherwise looks like a larger classier corolla.

  5. I really dislke the Camry. Even the name bugs me… Cahm-whrey. The fat bottomed, pleated Docker wearing people who drive them are the most inattentive drivers on earth. I can certainly understand the appeal of owning a reliable car, but they drive like mush. It's easy to build a reliable car that drives mushy. That's why Buick and Cadillacs have historically ranked highly also. And frankly, all cars are just as reliable these days.

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