2012 Toyota Yaris

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This is most likely the European version of the small Toyota.
Which, so far, has been pretty much the same as ours, except for some details and specific engines.

A more angular look, and the lack of center gauges seem to be the main changes. As far as we can see from these pictures.

Even in the US, this segment is now getting crowded. The new Yaris will face stiffer competition than before..

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  1. At least they put the instruments in front of the driver this time. Vince – this looks like the same chassis used for the Subaru Trezia. Any word on whether that's coming to Subaru dealerships in the US ?

  2. Ummm no thanks.

    Its a Toyota which means it won't even know what driving dynamics are. That means I couldn't care less.

    If I were shopping for a vehicle in the B-Segment:

    1. '12 Kia Rio
    2. Honda Fit
    3. Mazda2
    4. '12 Hyundai Accent

    The Mazda2 is the best driving out of all of them, hands down. That's it.

  3. Anyone who talks about poor driving dynamics being a reason not to buy a car and then lists the Kia and the Hyundai in the top 4 that they would purchase in this segment has either never actually driven any of these cars (I understand the Kia and Hyundai aren't out yet, but I can't imagine they would drive better than the new Elantra, which has worse dynamics than the current Yaris.), or is merely listing these cars based upon looks preference, or jumping the bandwagon. Praising Korean and American cars, and bashing Japanese and German ones, just seems to be the thing to do right now.

  4. I think a lot of the Japanese car bashing comes from the relatively recent choices by those companies to downmarket a lot of their cars with cheaper interiors materials, less competent suspensions, and wacky designs. It's hard to take them seriously with smiley faces, discontinuation of many of their halo models, and a race to the blandest bodywork possible. Its like the sedan zombies ate their brains.

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