2012 VW Beetle prices

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The base 2.5 Liter will be priced at $19 765, in the US. That includes destination.
Which is a few hundred dollars more than the previous model.

The 2012 Beetle is a roomier, more upscale car with a bit more power than the previous one.
It also now comes with 17 inch wheels standard.

The 2.0 Turbo model starts at $24 165. It also includes a six speed manual and 18 inch wheels, among other things.
Which is about $300 less than the VW GTI with the same engine.

The bases 2012 Beetle is about $1500 less than a base Mini.

I guess this is in line with the competition. Unless you compare it to the much cheaper Fiat 500…

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  1. Seems like VW/Audi's only have two engines these days. Everything except the big Audis get that lousy 2.5L or the 2.OT. I'm bored.

  2. Still think they should have been more innovative and based the Beetle on the smaller Polo. This way they would have a sub Jetta/Golf vehicle which could compete with the Mini and Fiat 500 at a lower price.

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