2013 Mitsubishi Evo

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another illustration, so who know what it will look like.

But Road and Track reports that the Evo is not dead.
And the new version would be powered by a Hybrid system, paired with a 1.6 Liter Turbo engine.

Why not?

We still need fun cars around. I just wish they also looked more fun. So far it’s just been tricked out versions of the boring Lancer.

How about its own design, for once.

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  1. According to Mag-X, Evo will be borrowing Hyundai's all new GDI Twin Turbo 2.4 Liter I4 which will produce over 380hp. The same engine will be introduced in the Hyundai's all new compact sports sedan which will debut by the end of this year (before the Evo) as the first official "Genesis" model series.

  2. looks Focus ST inspired. They should loose that traditional mitsu grill (the one outlined in that gray plastic) and make the Mitsu symbol in the center, large like a Mercedes, and engraved into the grill (not sticking out) in a black matte finish to contrast the black/gray mesh surrounding it. Loose the stupid fender humps for something with a modern aesthetic

    I agree with the poster above, it looks mean in english-racing green! Don't add too many labels or stickers or decals or un-necessary vents, and though I can't see it, no obnoxious wings either.

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