2013 Tesla Model S

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This “Alpha” version is the closest one to the production model yet.
And it still looks great.
It is still on track to start production early next year. Just a few months away.
So it is getting closer and closer to reality.

With prices starting at $50 000 for the base model, it should be a problem to move the 5000 units they plan to produce the first year.

It looks better than most sedans sold at the same price.
And with a 300 miles per charge version available, it sure will convert many to pure electric cars.

I just can’t wait….

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  1. Can't really call this a Leaf killer…yet, but this brand will definitely make a smaller version which will blow it out of the water. If they can do a 300mi. version, the 500mi isn't too far away…

    The Volt could be in trouble, for a bit, but it will never leave you stranded at the current time.

  2. Everyone is saying Jaguar or kia optima ish with the new rear styling changes i say thet copied the horrid Jaguar headlamp design lately with its new taillamps ..

  3. Yeah, not sure about u saying it looks better than other competitors priced at 50k. It looks like a 3series fighter from jag.

  4. Yes, there are some elements similar to other cars. Headlamps, check. Four wheels, check. Some glass, check! Big grille, check! But honestly folks, this car looks really really good. And if you don't agree, then one of us needs to get their eyes checked. If Tesla can launch if for 50k, make it go 300 miles on a charge and the reviews are solid, I'm getting one!

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