All new 2012 Mercedes M Class video

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Some British guy telling us how great it is…

It still looks pretty boring to me. Although I really like the interior color combo on this video, the interior is also super conservative.

I guess they do know their audience…

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  1. I think it looks handsome and masculine.

    What in the world are you talking about boring, Vince? What would make this more "exciting"?

  2. The current one looks better…There are so many pointless lines on this thing that it is aggravating to look at. The BMW X5 is much better design. The front and sides look infantile.

  3. Outside is an improvement. Inside is a V A S T improvement. (Of course the old one was a dumpy mess almost as bad as a CRV). This is back up to the level of a Land Rover/Escalade/Navigator/Cherokee Overland. Which moves it from looking pathetic sitting next to an X5; to being almost as good outside and tremendously better inside (than an X5). Very impressive Mercedes, very impressive indeed! I never liked the old M–wouldn't rent one if it was the last SUV on the lot. But now–I just may have to buy one.

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