All new Kia Rio 3 door.

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Not sure we’ll be getting this one over here. We usually don’t seem to get 3 door versions of small hatchbacks.
We don’t get the 3 door Fiesta for instance.

Who knows. This could be another great looking design from Kia.
After seeing the 5 door for myself, I can say the new Rio is the best looking car in its class. At least in the US.

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  1. All I can say is Hyundai EFFED themselves by dropping the 3-door Accent in favor of the odd Veloster, but Kia could easily pick up the Accent faithful (and they are actually out there!) with this hot little tamale!

  2. Still regarded as a poor mans new car. If you are on a budget, Real good bets are with a good used Nissan, mazda or honda, not Kia.

  3. there isn't a market for 3 doors because no one makes any good looking 3 doors. VW the exception.

    the 3 door fiesta / sonic / accent would look leagues ahead of the 4 or 5 door variants. I prefer a stand-alone 3dr as well as only stand-alone models have good looking roof=lines, and good looking b, c, and d pillars.

    Please offer this in America!!! (along with the 3-dr Fiesta).

    PS: The b-pillar(I think) right next to the outside rear-view mirrors should have an odd slant like a product from citroen, you know… to make it interesting.

  4. The " Truth is" guy is right on. I would never buy a cheap kia and come to think of it not an expensive Kia either. Both are self explanatory.

  5. It's funny to read the comments of the K-haters. These are the same words that were spoken about Toyotas, Hondas when they first came to our shores.

  6. This segment is really hot. I live in a major city and everyone seems to be turning to these cars. I think the Honda Fit was the best for a while, but now the Hyundai Accent beats or matces on most specs. The areas they come out ahead are power, gas mileage, transmission (6 speed v.s 5) and of course PRICE. I think the Kia should fair even better, since it's basically a Hyundai but cheaper.

  7. Truth is….said…, Stop smoking Crack (and or) Drinking Cheap Beer! Where the hell have you been in the last 10 years? Locked up in Jail or in a Institution for the Insane? Ever hear or read about the advances of the Hyundai products that are beating the Crap out of the Japanese,German, and American Car Manufacturers with a better built vehicle and a much better warranty? Can you spell Sonata, Elantra, etc? Kia which is owned by Hyundai uses 99% of the identical mechanical components. Your certainly entitled to your own f..ked up opinion, (but) NOT your (own) facts! That said, STFU!

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