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Already a 3 year old design, the current generation of the small Honda City sedan is still quite nice looking.
I think it still looks better than the new 2012 Civic sedan.

I also think there would be room for a smaller sedan under the Civic in Honda’s US lineup.
Where it could compete with cars like the Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Accent or Nissan Versa, Chevrolet Sonic etc…
All these other manufacturers are present in the segment, even Toyota with the Yaris.
But not Honda.

I think it is another one in a series of many mistakes they have made in the past few years…

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  1. I COMPLETELY agree, Vince.. the City is probably one of Honda's best looking sedans, EVER.. yet the US product planners thought it would be better to bring the Fit (the tall-boy hatchback version) and Element (the other hatchback version!) instead, which is a shame.

  2. ^ "Element" should say "Insight".. something tells me that had Honda dropped the Insight hybrid bits into the City instead, they just might have had a US hit.

  3. I have to disagree, I think this is kinda ugly, the back looks like an old camry and the front is just strange. My roommate just bought a fit, great little car.

  4. Hey Vince, I m from India and we have this car available here… the engine is great and fuel economy is very good the problem is with the interior plastic quality hope if it comes to US then they should really up that… plus they really need to load it up with lot of goodies as Hyundai is kicking it big time here in India…

  5. It would make sense to me, for Honda to scale up this City 10% to make a great Civic design, and another 10% to make a great-looking Accord.

    Instead we get the new Civic, which looks 90% like a Camry from behind…

  6. Honda NAm seems so isolated in a way of thought that they can't see the disaster they've made of their product line. And overall, Honda's undoing was the complete obsession with a bunch of pretty unimpressive hybrids.

    The Element at least was interesting. Instead of a redesign, they give us the CrossTour abortion. A porky Jeep-copied PIlot. The overly dull Insight and new Civic. The you're kidding me, right ZDX ! And a CRZ that they should just put a normally aspirated engine into and call it the CRX. They could gain so much but they're BLIND. I'm predicting the new CRV will be another dumbed down disappointment, as will the new Acura.

    This City would be a great addition. So would extending the Fit line: Hybrid, a higher trim level, maybe an Si with better seats, stronger engine and a moonroof. Seriously – they should fire John Mendel for pushing such crap.

  7. Hmmm…my condolences to all those who purchased/booked a city before yesterday. It's like honda saying "HAHA…IN YOUR FACE" to its existing customers. Manipulative corporations…. Who is to say if prices will not be reduced again after a month??

  8. My guess – Honda in the US figured this would cannibalize sales from Civic (which is a terrible redesign), but without earning as much profit since it would be imported and priced lower. Too bad, this interior is better than the Fits and way ahead of the new Civic. Love the exterior too. This is probably how they should have designed the new Civic, now that I think about it.

  9. Yes, it's not a impossible thing your thinking may come true in the next edition, i also think that it will nice when there will be a room for a smaller sedan under the Civic.

  10. I was just planning to buy a car for my family but after reading this blog i think Honda city will be a perfect choice. Thanks for sharing this car information with us.

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