Chevrolet Cobalt Concept

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What a confusing name for us. A “cobalt Concept”…

But this is from GM Brazil, where, I guess, our old Cobalt was never sold.
Not sure exactly what it is, except it looks like one of these “fake” concepts. That are actually thinly disguised production cars.
And it looks to be based on the new Chevrolet Sonic sedan. Maybe?

We’ll see more soon…

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  1. Vince, the Brazilian Chevy Cobalt is actually based on Gamma platform (Opel Corsa and Chevy Sonic), but this model will be sold under the Sonic in Brazil.

    The Brazilian line-up will be like this:
    >> Spark
    >> Agile (5-door hatchback)
    >> Cobalt
    >> Sonic
    >> Sonic Sedan

    >> Cruze
    >> Cruze Sedan
    >> Malibu
    >> Omega (Holden Commodore)
    >> Camaro

  2. Maybe GM is testing the waters after realizing that the Sonic, with its really oversized headlights, doesn't match up against the competition. Good idea, I think.

    While they're at it, GM would be smart to make a small -ute wagon from the Cruze. Raise the suspension, make it a tall wagon, add AWD. GM's AWD lineup is all extra-sized compared to Subaru. And we buy a lot of CRV's and Subaru's in the Northern Plains.

  3. Awful. GM should not continue with this kind of mediocracy anywhere in the world. Until they can commit to building spectacular vehicles, they will be regarded as a 2nd tier brand. Or 3rd tier in some cases.

  4. Cobalt or Cobolt? Another website says it's COBOLT and that's the correct spelling…he says he checked. I'm confused.

  5. Who ever guessed that a new car wearing the Cobalt name could be LESS attractive than the original? Only GM…

  6. Why did Chevy lift the Tails off the Sentra? The Sentra is NOT the car to steal styling cues from…geesh

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