Mercedes A-Class sedan?

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It is said we are finally getting the next A Class in the US.
It might be the sedan version, and not the hatchback. At least at first.

Which will be competing directly with the new Audi A3 sedan. This illustration doesn’t look that impressive.

We’ll see…

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  1. I personally think and hope Mercedes will adapt the new A-Class nose to its sedan version, so we might see actually a pretty neat looking car imo

  2. If the C-Class starts at $33K, I`m assuming that the A-Class will start at or around $28K? MIght sell against a fully loaded 2012 Ford Focus Titanium but not much else IMO.

  3. That looks exactly like a new CLS Class.

    Which looks exactly like every other damned Mercedes vehicle these days.

  4. how the HELL are they going to make a four door coupe based off of a compact car platform spacious enough to fit 4 adults who aren't 5'2"???

    it'll be good looking enough I'm sure but I have no clue how it's not going to be a total pillbox

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