More pictures of the all new Citroen DS5

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What a great looking car.
Even without the super cheezy lighting effect of these official pictures, I bet it looks stunning.

This is the kind of modern personality Saab and Subaru should be going after.
Let’s face it, these guys will never sell as many cars as Toyota.
They should instead cater to people who want something different. Like they used to.
Something nobody else has the guts to do.

Except, I guess, Citroen.

I’m curious to see if this car will be popular in Europe. I am sure they could be quite pricey, which means competing with more established German brands.

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  1. Vince why put these pictures up of cars we will never see!? It's depressing! Wtf is wrong with US that we can't get these cars!?

  2. What would be great is if Mistubishi, which can't seem to make a car anyone wants to buy, could pair up and sell Citroens here under the mitsu badge. Make 'em here or mexico. They won't sell at $25k but would sell in the same range as the focus.

  3. Proof positive that a unique design can be beautiful, and not bland, silly or forced. I hope Toyota, Mercedes, Lincoln and BMW are seeing this.

  4. This is the direction Mazda should have taken, instead of the smiley faces. Bring the C3, DS4, DS5 and Picasso over… these would make GREAT additions to someone's lineup … like Chrysler if they were connected. Citroen makes luxurious small car interiors. Amazing company.

  5. Very modern, great looking, what are those 6 things next to the shifter? Looks like a great place to catch falling food.

  6. I agree. I love Citroen too.. and they build their cars true to their concepts! Leave out the patterned inserts on the seats and this would be amazing, even inside. I wish someone WOULD bring them over. And that's the reason we see these cars we cant get on here… so public demand can bring them over. Log on to Citroen's UK site – thats in english, and you can see how close this is to their current lineup.

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