More pictures of the new 2012 BMW 1 series hatchback

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For those who like it, I think it is still missing a little chrome line around the windows.
It’s not much, but adds a lot.

For those who hate it… Well….

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  1. Too bad it had to be designed to accommodate 6 cyl when new 2.0 L 4 cyl is lighter, more efficient and could have better proportions with shorter hood. 6 cyl is just expensive overkill.

  2. Is this an all-new vehicle, or a serious reskin of the existing 1-series? It's hard to tell in profile.. which is a shame, since the current one is hardly a looker.

  3. And they say Acura has ugly cars.

    I'm dating myself.

    Does anyone remember the Deputy Dog cartoon from the early 60's.

    There was a character called Vincent van Gopher which has a vague resembles this mess.

    Put some tentacles below each headlight and you'd have a catfish.

  4. horrible. i like the current model better. they shouldve kept the "cute look". its like a teenage boy trying to look older.

  5. I loves me some BMW, but this is HIDEOUS.
    As far as I and the 1 Series are concerned, this is strike 2!

  6. They did make something like this in the 90s. That was the Z3 Coupe (actually, wagon).

    That car looked mean. This one, not so much.

  7. I think I remember reading that BMW was interested in building some smaller cars with 4cyl's. I don't mind the shape of this, but the headlights/taillights and front bumper need a rethink. Those are easily changed. So I say, go for it. But it better have some mileage numbers in the 30's or it'll flop. Why would anyone buy a $$$ BMW this small to have the same terrible mileage as the 3series? That was always the problem with the 1. It was too close to the 3 in every way except room, comfort and options.

  8. i puked a bit upon seeing the pictures released recently. but after seeing it moving in a video it started to grow on me, for those of you interested go youtube "The new bmw 1 series" and watch the official video by bmw.

  9. How could BMW–which has produced beautiful cars–do this? It's the result of a car crash on the front end and the bastard child of an Lexus C200h for the back three-quarters.


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