More pictures of the new 2012 Toyota Yaris

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Still the European version.

The interior seems to be pretty original, without looking to weird.

Europe is scheduled to get a Hybrid version later. Not sure if it will be making it over here.
It might be too close to the smaller Prius model coming out next year.

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  1. Interior…original yes, gimmicky…yes. Will probably be made of out really cheap hard plastic…definitely yes.

    The 'swoop' by the climate control is too much. Otherwise it could be decent inside – for a Toyota. Ok, so heres the deal with small 5 drs. While we want good mileage and a small package, but don't want to spend say… a Corolla's worth. But we don't want to feel like we bought a stripper car. That means attention to detail, Toyota (and Honda, Mazda too while youre listening). All black interiors… unless theres some nice variation in the colors and fabrics, it'll be obvious you went for cheap. Feel free to surprise us with nicer carpet than we expected. And a decent set of COMPLETE gauges glowing in white or blue against black (not orange like an 80's video game). Trust me, we won't mind these 'luxuries'. And we might even like it a lot – as in, enough to buy this. Not everyone wants bigger, but we don't want disposable either. PS> Moonroofs rank higher than Navi systems ! And they make a small car buyer feel like they just bought an Audi. If thats too much, make it an option, along with parking sensors. Lots of city folk buy small cars, cuz parking's tight. My point, little things matter – even here.

  3. Is it me or does that dash look suspiciously like the new Kia Rio's dash?????? Who is copying who now????

  4. the yaris introduced from November or may be even September 2010

    so i guess now you know who copies who

  5. Well the Koreans copied the Japanese for years it about time the Japanese got revenge and play them at their own game.

  6. toyota, rife with problems puts out another cheapy….for some reason that is unexplainable, people are still buying toyotas.

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