Opel Astra Convertible

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And now for the final version of the Astra.
After the 5 door hatch, wagon, sedan (Sold here as the Buick Verano) and coupe, the convertible version is shaping up.

I say bring this one over as well. Maybe a convertible Verano is more in line with what Buick needs than a sporty coupe?
Of course, most of us would like to see both over here.

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  1. Buick needs to do whatever it takes to disrupt everyone's perception of the brand. They did it for a nanosecond in the 80s with the Reatta and the GNX, and they can do it today with cars like this! I know that they are targeting Lexus, but they'll be setting their sights higher if they offer sporty cars. And by sporty I mean relevant cars that you actually see on the street that don't cost $400k.

  2. Buick should be setting its sights not just on Lexus, but on Volvo and premium offerings from VW. I don't see this FWD 2dr doing so well at the price point that Buick would sell it at which is above USD $30,000.

    GM might sell Opel so hopefully this makes it into both production and sold as a Buick before any of that happens.

  3. Buick (and GM) NEED this over here! The G6 and Solstice (and sky) were the last of anything like this by them.

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