2012 Audi A5

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You probably can’t see it, but the Audi A5 is getting some small changes for the new year.
Mainly new lights and bumpers.

At least in Europe.
Not sure if the US models will get more changes, like engine choices etc…

It’s not much, really. Except the continuous invasion of LED lights.

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  1. OH SO NICE!!! Slap 3 three extra doors on it to make it perfect. Oh yeah, that's the A5 Sportback that the USA won't be getting.

  2. I like the update to the headlights. The smooth line of light within the lens is much nicer than the rows of little dots. Personally, I'm over the pixellated white lights that have been slapped on as an afterthought from Mercedes to Range Rover to the mexican lowrider Honda. It's overdone and cheap looking most of the time. Audi was among the first to do it, it looked good for a few years and now they can take ownership for being first. So thankfully they are among the first to move onto the next big thing.

  3. Isn't this the 3rd set of tail lights for this thing? At least they had the decency NOT to put extra reverse lights where the amber turn signals should be. I still find it comical that the entire line-up uses brake light turn signals…

  4. I love the A5. I really wish we could get the A5 Sportback here in the USA instead of the A7. To me the A7s general profile looks like a giant cockroach.

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