2012 Fiat Panda

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The current Panda has been around in Europe since 2003.
So it’s is time for a new one. Really..
Since Fiat is not linked to Chrysler, we can only wonder if this will ever end up over here.
Or when.

I guess Dodge might be able to use a small car this size in order to meet new regulations in the next few years.
Why not?

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  1. From what I've read, if the Panda ever makes it to the US, it will either be badged as a Fiat or, in 4×4 guise, as a new baby Jeep. The problem with selling it as a Fiat would be having to price it above the 500.. so the Jeep seems more likely. I'd personally like to see a version of it become the Dodge Hornet concept they showed several years ago.

  2. I saw the current version of this all over Italy and it's a very little runabout that should be brought over here as a Fiat, not a Jeep or a Dodge. I feel that a car this small and quirky would never sell well with an American nameplate. In Europe, the Panda is the entry level Fiat, starting out at about $3K less than a 500. In the states, it could easily compete against the Nissan Versa as the cheapest car sold in America. It reminds me of what the Scion xB and xA were when they first arrived and before they grew to their current sizes.

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