2012 Honda CRV

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Looks like an illustration.
But it does match the spy photos that we saw a while ago.
Interesting to see the front end on the top car.

It looks like the new CRV will be just fine. It doesn’t need to be much better than the current one to be a huge hit.
What it does need is a better interior with better storage.

And maybe get away from the dreadful “Honda beige” and “Honda grey” interiors.

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  1. If it ends up looking like this then it does represent an improvement, something we haven't seen from Honda in a very long time.

  2. It looks like a Volvo XC60 rear end was grafted onto a much less attractive CRV. And it doesn't look particularly good in that salmon color.

  3. I agree with Fusi and ne1.. could this possibly look any more like the XC60? Right down to the chrome-rimmed fog lights and of course the S60-like salmon paint. True, the S60 looks a lot like a Civic.. so perhaps Honda is returning the flattery.

  4. All of you people are dumb.

    This is an ILLUSTRATION, and not the actual production vehicle. It is someones interpretation of what it will look like.

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