2012 Hyundai Azera

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I was wondering what had happened to the new Azera.

Hyundai has already shown the local Korean version called the Grandeur, a while back.

They have now announced that we will see the new US Azera at the upcoming Los Angeles auto show.
Now I wonder if the Kia K7/Cadenza will also end up in the US at a later date…

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  1. Congratulations once again to Hyundai for producing another compelling design. It makes looking at the Camry below all the more depressing. Very nice!

  2. I wonder where the Cadenza is as well.. perhaps Kia is waiting for their sportier version of the Genesis and plan to sell it at a lower price point.. but it is a little odd that there is no V6 Kia sedan available in the US.

  3. This thing looks fantastic, Vince.

    Arguably better looking than the Genesis, but it is also newer. The Genesis will still win for its RWD dynamics though.

  4. This interior looks like a mid 90's panasonic jam box. Hyundai should tone down the swoopy metal-look plastic and focus on clean and simple design. In my opinion, Kia is doing a better job of designing interiors. The new Optima is a great example. Also, look up the Korean market Kia Cadenza and you'll see what I'm talking about.

  5. Big improvement over the current Azera.
    Hyundai/Kia must have stolen the best car designers from the competition.
    Great looking cars……all of them!

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