2012 Infiniti JX

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There will be a few more of these before we get to see the real thing.
Infiniti will release a total of 7 teaser pics before the car is shown to the public.

It is still looking good to me. I think this should do well in the US at least.
Using the 3.7 Liter V6, and maybe the Hybrid from the new M sedan as well.
Why not….

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  1. If this new Infiniti drives as good as other Infinitis, is reliable (unlike the Teutonic SUV's), and has a hybrid model like Lexus, they should sell in droves. I find it interesting that Infiniti did not register the JX35 name, rather JX20, JX25, JX25h, and JX30. The powertrains could be interesting. Any idea what platform Nissan is building this one on?

  2. Looks like a cross between the FX & the QX. It's time for me to retire my 04 FX35 and I like the QX but its way too big for LA. This may be just right says Mike Goldielocks!

    PS Vince thank god you took down that scary pix of yourself….reminded me of a good looking used car salesman!

  3. Looks like it will fit nicely into brand. Been thinking about trading my 04 FX for another SUV and really like Infiniti but EX too small, QX too big (especially LA driving) and been there done that with FX. Cant wait to see JX live at PB. I wondering if JX will be on a stretched version of FX.

    PS Vince thank god you changed your picture , I had flashbacks of a guy who looked just like that and sold used cars….wait a minute, were you in sales Aug 1988 in Oak Park Il?

  4. This JX is not based off of any existing Infiniti Architecture. 3 row seating and sized between the FX and QX, Infinit is not following it's own RWD platform philosophy. It is based off the FWD.Murano/Maxima/Altima platform.

    So far from the spy and teaser shots, it looks rather bland and squared off. Interior pics even seem to show what looks like borrowed air vents on the dash directly from Maxima. So far I am not impressed.

    Being a all new Altima is due very soon, this could be on the newer generation platform or a heavily revised version of the existing.

  5. Let's just hope that this design isn't as overwrought as the current FX or as hideous as the current QX!

  6. It will be overwrought and ugly, just like all other Infiniti models.

    Who cares anyway, that brand can't move anything but the G anyway. The M has one of the longest lot inventory times out of ALL vehicles on the market now.

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