2012 Mercedes B Class

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Just a teaser shot from Mercedes so far.

We’ll see the whole thing very soon. And maybe even in the US next year.

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  1. The current B Class, sold in Europe and Canada but not the US, is about 7 inches shorter than a Prius.
    The new one is supposed to be a bit longer.

    So I guess it'll be about the size of the current Prius.

  2. I own a 2011 b200 turbo and it aint boring at all. Its bigger than a prius, almost the size of a honda crv. I love it. Its very practical, you sit high, and it is fats 0-60 in less than 7sec. The 2012 is supposed to be even better. We'll se

  3. I'd love to see the B200 here.

    It very well could be my next vehicle when it arrives to replace my '10 Mazdaspeed3. I love hatchbacks but I HAAATTEEE the A3.

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