2012 Nissan Versa.

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Nissan has just announced the pricing for the all new Versa.
The base model now starts at $11 000. $1000 more than last’ year’s model.
But it now comes with air and a radio.
I tested one without radio last year and it was tough…

So it’s actually pretty much the same price.

The top of the line 1.8 SL with CVT starts at $15 560.
It “only” gets 38MPG on the HWY. Which isn’t that great. Considering that now, so many other larger cars get over 40…

The Hatchback version is carried over for 2012. A new one is for next year.

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  1. If anyone is going to complain about the car for that price, they should just save more money for a car. It's better looking then the last, though the side shot resembles the first gen Toyota Prius.

  2. Okay, so it's $15,500. But does it cost more to stamp metal and mold plastic into an attractive shape? Nissan designs some great looking cars, but this particular one is a missed opportunity.

  3. Okay.

    This thing is hot! It's got it all – looks and performance! Just look at those MPG figures!

    Now excuse me while I take my Geritol and Ben-Gay.

  4. Has Nissan even seen the new Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio? Do they think that this redesign of the Versa is actually modern and competitive? The Accent starts out at $14K and has power windows, locks and an amazing warranty. The Japanese car companies (US and Germans too) need to wake up. The Koreans are whooping ass.

    In addition, this Versa redesign, along with the new Quest, NV Vans, and Juke, makes me wonder what is going on at Nissan. These designs seem to be going back in time and not in a retro way.

  5. I, er, actually laughed out Loud! When I saw this enviously, ugly turd!

    I had become so used to Nissan penning such fine looking designs that I began to take them for granted.

    Does any one at Nissan actually believe that this will do well against the New Fiesta? or Accent?

    I expect to see these proliferating by the multitudes at your local rental fleets since the vast majority of consumers will simply ignore this wretched, homely looking eye sore for more sophisticated and upscale offerings from Ford and Hyundai.


  6. This is a ridiculous vehicle. Why would you buy this terrible Versa when the new Accent and Rio are here?

    Why would you buy this POS when you could get a decent C-segment vehicle for similar money?

    Sorry, this doesn't make any sense to me.

    1. Mazda2
    2. Kia Rio
    3. Hyundai Accent
    4. Honda Fit

    Those are the only B-segment vehicles I'd even consider looking at.

  7. This car is a good value, when I'm shopping for my next car this car is on my list under 16 grand fully loaded so what it does not get 40 mpg most car without hybrid technology average about 20-25 mpg in real word driving so it only cost $36usd more to year to drive.

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