2012 Toyota Camry

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I guess this looks like the Australian version. Which is a bit different than the one sold over here.

Still, even though I am sure it is a good car, it might not be enough this time around.
With more modern designs from Kia and Hyundai, the new Camry might find life more difficult in the US.

And, as far as the more conservative market goes, the all new Malibu is also around the corner.
I also just saw the new Passat for myself, and it does look classy in person.

Not sure where the new Camry will fit with all this new competition.
I am sure they still will have tons of repeat buyers no matter what. Maybe that’s still enough…

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  1. Maybe they have good mpg numbers up in their sleeve and used them in marketing the new camry that will drive the sales, actually I think they have to

  2. This appears to be a rather conservative , almost generic design. It won't excite and it won't offend (front grille aside) and will sell well to their customers. However it is a missed opportunity for Toyota to lead in the mid-size segment. We see a company like Hyundai producing an appealing bold design for the Sonata and a refined euro-design for the Optima, and this is Toyota's answer! Sad indeed!

  3. at this rate they will not be able to compete with the likes of KIA and Hyundai even Buick for that matter.

  4. Like the person above, an overinflated corolla or the current gen TSX with the front end of a LexusES/next-genPRIUS wagon with the greenhouse of the previous gen accord? It's not that bad but I was hoping the segment leader would give us something more stylish that would define the mid-size segment for the next 3-4 years before it gets a refreshment.

  5. I find the Hyundai Sonata a very ugly car that looked bad when I first saw it and hasn't gotten any better. It is trying too hard. Like the Kia and the Accent but the Sonata just doesn't do it for me. I don't see the Kia styling being much more advanced than this thing and I like the Kia.

  6. This is our next generation Toyota Aurion here in Australia (a.k.a. Asian Market Toyota Camry). It is sold alongside the Toyota Camry in Oz. Toyota Australia offers it with a 6 cylinder engine only whereas the Camry is offered with just 4 cylinders. Take note that the Aurion shown shares the same body with the next generation Camry i.e. the doors, side windows, roof profile & interior with minor changes. Therefore it gives us an idea what the body & cabin of the next generation Camry would look like.

  7. In response to "autoscout's" comment.

    For car enthusiast like us, we can usually tell they're visually not much different however for the general public they look like two separate models.

    Try researching "Toyota Aurion" on Wiki, & on there is an image of the side profiles of the current Toyota Camry & Aurion. From the side view we can assume the two cars are the same, however comparing them from either the front or the back, there is a visual difference between the two cars.

    The design changes made on the Toyota Aurion (a.k.a. Asian Market Camry) are from the A pillar forward and from the C pillar back.

  8. If that's the upcoming Camry it'll be good news for Hyundai and other competitors.
    That thing is a mega-yawner.

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